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Hello everyone ! My Name is Tonja and I’m a designer of silk screens. If you like to be creative and love to use unexpected patterns & designs, you will be overjoyed with all the designs available. I do design with polymer clay and jewelry artists in mind, but silkscreens can be used on nearly any flat surface that will accept paint, ink. etc.  Possibilities are endless.

Purchases can be made in my shop https://silkscreensbytonja.indiemade.com .   Please visit my Facebook Page for announcements of new designs and sales. My blog Polyclay Corner has some useful, but old content. 🙂 If you need to contact me directly please send me an Email.

These are some of my newest 2021 silkscreen design .


Message to Groups & Guilds: I can do large group orders of silk screens at a discount. Contact me for details.

A little info about me. I hail from the beautiful Northwestern United States, but more specifically the NE part of Washington State. I have been an artist most of my life . Thanks to the influence of my grandmother.  She taught me how to sew, crochet, macrame, plus a few other crafts beginning at the age of 10. I have tried my hand at many types of arts and crafts, but after discovering polymer clay I was hooked. It became a true obsession after about 3 years of just playing with clay. Mostly I enjoyed making jewelry, but have been known to wrap clay around a pen, a bowl or light switch cover from time to time. Having an art medium with so much versatility leaves the door wide open to endless possibilities. If you haven’t tried polymer clay you should !

I very recently found I love to refurbish and upcycle old furniture and household items. Turned an old metal ironing board enclosure from the 50’s (the kind that is inset into the wall) into a large medicine cabinet lined with wood. I have an old dresser I plan to convert into a butcher-block top kitchen island. Also purchased some old chandeliers that will become flower planters and bird feeders.

Medicine cabinet made from an old ironing board enclosure.
Medicine cabinet made from an old ironing board enclosure.

I was published several times in Jewelry Crafts Magazine before they went out of print. I’ve also had an article in Polymer Cafe and they gave my necklace the cover ! (See cover image below) I also had the great honor of having an article about silk screening published in The Polymer Arts magazine.

Check out my free tutorials available. Here are the links – Layered inks Pendant , Crackled Faux Tile Shards , Ancient Images Tile Bracelet . My silk screens have been used in other artist’s tutorials like this one from Shannon at Charleston Clay Jewelry and Studio that also uses Chameleon Pens. I highly recommend at tutorial called All About Silk Screens for Polymer Clay by Ginger at The Blue Bottle Tree. She covers every thing you can imagine and especially what you can’t ! Worth every penny of the small price.

I live with my wonderful husband and our 2 fur babies, who are miniature dachshunds. Yes, they are all a handful at times, but life would not be complete without them. Here are pictures of my girls. 🙂



Here’s where I add a few of my favorite pictures of my jewelry.

Sutton Slice technique using Souffle polymer clay
pendants make using Sutton Slice technique & Souffle polymer clay
My favorite piece - an Inro vessel pendant
My favorite piece – an Inro vessel pendant
Pendant with real gemstone cabochon
Pendant with real gemstone cabochon
Bangle bracelet using the Scrap Mokume Gane technique
Bangle bracelet using the Scrap Mokume Gane technique
Polymer clay cabochons
Polymer clay cabochons
My necklace on the cover of Polymer Cafe
leafy pendants
Die cut unbaked sheets of polymer clay to make these pendants
Mini steampunk goggles for a mini mask swap